A Truly Smart Investment

In the event of a disaster, those who have taken precautions to survive have the best chances to thrive in a dire situation. Our Storm Pump ® is built to last, and designed to be permanently mounted on your well with your main pump system in place. Endurance is its middle name: it’s frost-free, weather resistant, and durably built. You can trust our Storm Pump ® to efficiently provide water at any time. Don’t allow a catastrophe to completely cripple you and your family – buy the Storm Pump ® and give yourself the proper peace of mind that comes with it.

More About Storm Pump

The Storm Pump® is a ruggedly built hand pump designed to be permanently mounted on your well in addition to your main, electrically powered, pump system. It is composed of NSF-approved materials, stainless steel and sched. 120 PVC with some small components of approved plastics. It is American made with predominantly American materials, and we buy from American suppliers.

The Storm Pump® can be installed on most drilled wells, regardless of diameter with the appropriate well seal. It draws water from the “static water column” usually at least 20 feet below the “static water level.” The static water column is the water that stands above the entry point of your water, and the static water level is the measured from the surface down to the top of that column. A majority of the wells in the Mountain West have a static level of 100 feet or less and, since we build the Storm Pump® near Sandpoint in north Idaho, the “standard” unit is for a 100 foot intake.

There are a few competitors in the market now. We firmly believe that when compared, feature by feature, the Storm Pump® delivers the best quality for your investment. The efficiency, simplicity of design, and ease of installation all contribute to our product’s value. There is no need to hire professional help — our design does not require it.

The Storm Pump® is a modification of the old piston pump system used in windmills and hand pumps for years. The difference is in the pipe and cylinder diameter and the fact that this new design produces water under pressure from a well while an electrical pump is still inside the well. It completes your water system by adding the ability to produce water without electricity, in any emergency, in any weather (it is frost free), and for an extended amount of time without replacing piston seals. We exceeded 250,000 pump strokes without losing pressure during our endurance testing. Half was done at 40 psi and half at 100psi. That is more than 25,000 gallons pumped with a hand pump!