Who We Are

Since 1973, Fred B. Houck has worked in the water well production industry, acting most often as the customer’s personal representative from the drilling company. Terry Deal owned and operated Deal Pump and Electric, Inc. since 1980 after spending time as journeyman electrician. When the two joined forces, Storm Pump was born. First produced in 2012, it was designed as an emergency backup for water well pump systems.

Fred’s experience in the industry enabled him to develop a quality project. He has played a primary role in executing the establishment of many wells over the years, including selecting the site, writing the contract, and estimating the costs for both customer and company. Terry is the designer and builder of the Storm Pump, while Fred helped to streamline the design, troubleshoot it, and make it perfect for the customer.

In the course of our respective careers, we have been asked numerous times for a good manual backup for power outages. Customers desired a hand pump that could be installed in addition to the main electric system and left on the well permanently. In all of our years in the industry, we had been unable to recommend one. There were too many flaws. But now, with the Storm Pump, that’s all changed. We are confident that we have succeeded in our mission and are proud to present The Storm Pump to well owners across the country.