Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Storm Pump be installed without removing my regular pump system?

A. YES! It is designed to be installed right along with your main pump system.

Is the Storm Pump made in the USA?

A. YES! We use American materials and American labor to build every pump system.

Does the storm System have to go to the bottom of the well to get water?

A. NO. The Storm Pump draws water from the “static water level”, the column of standing water in the well. We recommend that the Storm Pump pipe extend at least 20 ft below the static level.

What is the “static water level”?

A. The level of water standing in the well when the electrical pump system is not pumping. It is measured, in feet, down from the ground surface to the top of the water.

Is there a waiting list?

A. At this time, we can ship within three weeks of your order. We will increase production as needed to maintain our fast reaction time.

Can I pay by credit card?

A. We use the highly secure PayPal system and accept all major credit cards.

Can I just install the Storm Pump myself?

A. YES! The Storm Pump is designed for installation by the well owner and a friend or spouse without hiring a well professional with a hoist.

Can I leave my Storm Pump installed in my well on a permanent basis?

A. YES! The Storm Pump is designed to be weatherproof in all weather and will operate whether your normal electric pump system is operating or not. You can pump water from a Storm Pump at any time.